SEA 2019 Entrepreneurial Leadership - Colton Westmoreland

The Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy proudly recognizes outstanding Fellow graduate Colton Westmoreland, as a 2019 recipient of the coveted James R. Corbett Founder's Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership.


Colton is the co-founder of Apollo VR, which provides Virtual Reality infrastructure & support to a wide range of industries. Apollo VR offers cost-effective solutions that achieve a quick return on investment allowing businesses to provide an unforgettable immersive experience to their audience.

Colton presenting Apollo VR at  1 Million Cups

Colton presenting Apollo VR at 1 Million Cups

Apollo VR team at SEA 2019 Showcase

Apollo VR team at SEA 2019 Showcase

Colton was recognized by his peer Fellows, Mentors, Alumni and Board Members for exhibiting key entrepreneurial traits, such as being Laser-focused and Imaginative.

What people have shared about Colton:

  • “Colton has demonstrated great leadership qualities and has helped fellow cohorts in their projects as well. He embodies true entrepreneurial spirit and leadership with his team Apollo VR.”

  • “I just wanted to appreciate Colton for helping me through the program with rapid prototyping. He was very informative with the process and taught me a few things that I didn't know about the 3D process. He's an exceptional entrepreneur, and has a great passion for his business Apollo VR.”