KTXL-TV Fox 40 Leigh White on being an Intrapreneur

The Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA) kicked off its 2019 Innovators in Action Speaker Series last Saturday at Sacramento State University.

Leigh White advises “follow your heart”

Leigh White advises “follow your heart”

On March 23rd, SEA headlined Leigh White as the Intrapreneur in Action speaker. Leigh worked her way up from working a teleprompter to her current position as Vice President and General Manager at KTXL-TV Fox 40 in Sacramento. She learned all aspects of the business from the start and has seen and adapted to how news has evolved. To thrive in the changing news landscape, it required:

  1. Gaining efficiency in workflow and content creation;

  2. Protecting downward trends in EBITDA / BCF, headcount reductions;

  3. Competing in fragmented space for eyeballs,  consumers demand instant news; and

  4. Remaining relevant in todays competitive enviornment.

Being intrapreneurial was her arsenal as she led “Zero Base Brainstorming” of 9 media markets to identify core changes; and to an example of a real-life employee tagged Katrina the Unicorn whose skills cover those of 4 people before. Multi-talented is the employee of the day.

Leigh White on how to be INTRAPRENEURIAL in your organization:

  1. Stop with the “buts” -- I love that idea, but…   time, money, people, etc.

  2. Deliver solutions,  go to your leader/manager “ I have an idea to solve this issue, here is a solution”.

  3. Show your smarts, be a source of creativity and knowledge, make suggestions diplomatically.

  4. Be a hero to your boss, he/she has objectives they need to meet, and your job is to help meet those goals. Help them achieve it better, faster, and more efficiently. If you don’t know what their goals are, ask– and then ask how you can help.  Focus on creating new value.

  5. Use positive executive behaviors — the promotion follows the behavior.  If you want to become a VP, act like one, exhibit the skills, attitude and behavior, and it will be recognized.

  6. Intrapreneurs have a lot in common with entrepreneurs — they take initiative, not afraid of risks, they are innovative and creative, problem solvers and they never give up.  

At the end of her talk, SEA Alumna/Program Director Christy Serrato asked Leigh: “with all her accomplishments and wisdom she has gained in her career, if she could, what would be her advice to her younger self?”

Fondly reflecting back on her first job on the teleprompter (that allowed her to steer clear from a career in law), she advises the 2019 SEA Fellows in attendance, to “follow your heart.”