Crowdfunding for SEA

Entrepreneurs are often full of interesting ideas, but they still find themselves failing to get their business going. One of the main challenges is getting the necessary funding. While there are options they can choose from, there is no question that raising money is hard. Pitching to FFF (family, friends and fools), selling a product before it exists, figuring out which of your friends or LinkedIn connections knows a VC, then eventually pitching to that VC if you can even get the meeting, determining which bank gives fair-termed loans and even what terms are fair. None of these options are easy.

Lucky for entrepreneurs, there is now another door that entrepreneurs can open to access capital: Equity Crowdfunding.


SEA Entrepreneurs: How would you like to start your dream business this year? Wefunder can help SEA entrepreneurs raise the first $20,000 (up to $100,000). For applicants in the New Ideas program, you get friends and connections to invest $10,000 in a crowdfunding campaign, and Wefunder invests the next $10,000. You get additional support for your startup, such as the incorporation and legal set-up fees are paid for you. And, you get access to world-class mentors.

To apply: Deadline is March 29th.