Moss Adams hosts SEA's 2019 Final Presentations

Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy presents 10 Fellow venture teams for the 2019 Business Plan Presentations, hosted by Moss Adams on Saturday, April 27th at its Rancho Cordova office. The Fellow ventures to be presented:

  1. ALV4U - Dr. Kris Lea and Becky Neithercutt

  2. Apollo VR - Colton Westmoreland, Coye Carter and José Zavala

  3. Blockchain of Evidence - Jeff Neithercutt

  4. Box to the Future - Obadiah Bartholomy and Mia Kagianas

  5. Faculty Support System - Dr. Aisha Lowe

  6. Mental Health Navigator - Dolores Sanchez

  7. RAIVES - Tony Braham and Chris Anderson

  8. Recycle Genie - Mark Martin

  9. RELIV - Yvette Goularte and Heidi Verbeeck

  10. Xiaocun - Benda (Peter) Zhu and Shuhong (Super) Wang - UC Davis Big Bang! Semi-Finalist

Prominent business leaders join the Board Members, Advisors and Mentors in evaluating the Final Presentations of the Class of 2019 Fellows, including:

Alumni and Friends of the Academy: You can RSVP by contacting Please see the Event page for more details.