Go farther faster with 2019 Alumna's co-active coaching

Christine Calvin, a fellow from the 2019 class and recipient of the Entrepreneurial Leadership award, makes the startup leap with her business as a Co-Active coach, writer, and speaker. Christine brings her superb marketing and communications leadership skills working at the Crocker Art Museum, which is currently embarking on one of Sacramento’s greatest civic projects of the past 50 years!

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“Diving into coaching will allow me to further expand my commitment to the community by helping other leaders reach their goals and obtain fulfillment in their careers and personal lives,” states Christine.

Her coaching practice specializes in professional growth, leadership and management, career trajectory, personal identity, goal setting, and any other topic that is meaningful to the clients' journey to self-actualization. The Co-Active coaching model is founded on the belief that all people are born creative, resourceful, and whole, and are capable of finding their own answers to the challenges they face. The model balances self-awareness, relational agility, and courageous action to create an environment in which my clients can find success where it matters most.