Find a CoFounder

You've got this great idea, but you can't code so you're stuck. Or maybe you read that startups with only one founder always fail. Either way, you are currently on your own and want to find a co-founder.


Oh, and of course you don't have any money so you can't just go hire a developer. If only investors would give you some cash… But they won't hand over a cent until you have something to show them, and you can't build anything until you have a developer… You're trapped in a catch 22.

Solo founders fail

First, let's address the wrong reasons to want a co-founder. Yes, it's true that startups with only one founder are more likely to fail. But it's due to signaling: if you, as passionate about your idea as you are, can't even convince one more person to join you, how will you get users excited to download your app, get investors excited about the market, and get Microsoft and Coca-Cola to partner with you?

Solo founders usually fail because they are bad at convincing anyone of anything. Artificially adding a co-founder will not change that critical personality trait: are you charismatic enough to lead?

Now that we've ruled out the wrong reason for wanting a co-founder, let's try to actually find one.