A training ground for great entrepreneurship

Planning to launch the next great Kickstarter campaign or turn your startup weekend idea into a part-time business? Consider making your mark in the sales world first.


Key sales skills can help you navigate the road to successful entrepreneurship:

  1. Eat the frog first. Tackle the most important and dreaded task, regardless of whether I felt like doing it. Eating the frog means waking up earlier than your friends with “normal” jobs.
  2. Create opportunity by doing, not just wanting. The value you can produce is not limited by hours in the day. Your resolve and imagination are all that matter.
  3. Find your vehicle, and drive it relentlessly.Once you find your “vehicle” -- the opportunity that you can’t stop daydreaming about -- drive it relentlessly. Manifesting that vision requires the same principles as sales.

Salespeople learn to exercise discipline, cultivate opportunities and drive those opportunities forward, and those qualities are critical for those of us determined to take on the challenges and possibilities of the entrepreneurial world.