Find success in everyday life by thinking like an entrepreneur

Want success in every area of your life? Try learning how to be an entrepreneur  — even if you don’t own your own business — and there’s a good chance that daily life can become more rewarding.

The skills required to found a thriving business are the same set you need for a winning project, a healthy marriage, or a prosperous career, said Noam Wasserman, director of the Founder Central Initiative at the USC Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and author of the forthcoming book Life is a Startup.  “Having an entrepreneurial mindset involves taking traits that usually conflict and strategically combining them so as to reap their benefits, while avoiding their pitfalls,” Wasserman said.

Below are some key pairings to consider that will help you learn how to be an entrepreneur in everyday life:

  • Passion and Analysis
  • Short-term Gains and Long-term Vision
  • Success and Failure


Christy Serrato