How to Fund Your Startup

Raising money for your startup is an arduous task for any entrepreneur. With the plethora of resources floating around on the internet, determining which funding method is right for your startup is even harder. However, Dave Pike (a serial entrepreneur with 10+ ventures spanning multiple industries) has written this blog post to help aspiring founders pick the best option for funding their companies.

You have a great idea but you need capital to launch.  Will you self-fund and bootstrap? Will you take investment from others? There are several ways to fund your business from self-funding to debt to equity financing. The first step is to estimate how much money you will need in the first 6–12 months. Through my experiences and interviews with other entrepreneurs, I have created a preferred funding hierarchy. The first funding option on the list (free grants) is the most preferable and the last funding option (family and friends) is the least preferable since I don’t feel comfortable risking friends’ and family’s money.  READ MORE