Become a Mentor to aspiring student entrepreneurs

The Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy is partnering with the Leroy Greene Academy (LGA), a dependent charter school with Natomas Unified School District that offers 6th through 12th grades each year.  We are looking for mentors in the SEA community to support LGA students at the start of their entrepreneurial journey.

Mentorship with the Entrepreneurship and Enterprise course at LGA offer a team of students strategic guidance and wisdom throughout the year on their product or service they will be creating before graduating high school.  During the second month of school, mentors meet with student teams and choose one group to mentor throughout the year with an expectation of weekly communication to their team, either by phone or through email, and an in person meeting once a month.

Entrepreneurial experience is important to help students understand how to overcome common obstacles in the business world.  Along with this skill we look for mentors who are authentic and passionate about their business expertise and have a willingness to serve and guide teenagers on their entrepreneurial journey.  Mentors help identify the student's riskiest parts of their business while asking guiding questions, help them test their specific ideas and understand the principles of a financial model. 

If interested, please contact Andrea Rodriguez to volunteer as a mentor.