41 Startups Share How They Motivate Their Teams

“What motivates you?” It’s a simple question, but oftentimes a question for which many of us have an arduous time providing a response. And, once we do somehow arrive at the factors or incentives that motivate us, those things won’t necessarily apply to everyone else; indeed, every individual is unique – with his or her specific wants and needs – and something that may motivate one person may do naught or even demotivate another. When running a startup, it’s important to keep these differences in mind: recognizing that each team member is motivated through different incentives will help your company survive and thrive in the long-run.

We discovered some prominent common strategies that startups utilize to motivate their employees. For instance, providing startup employees with equity and an actual stake in a company serves as a huge motivator for many. We also discovered some unique ways through which companies motivate team members, including things like company trips to theme parks and engaging in group yoga classes.