We are excited to kick off the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy's 33rd Program with our incoming Class of 2019 Fellows: https://www.sealink.org/about/#fellows.  Our program success depends on dedicated volunteers. If you are a business leader or entrepreneur, and consider supporting this year’s cohort by:

  1. Being a dedicated mentor to a Fellow team, which entails coaching them to complete program deliverables, such as the customer value proposition, business plan presentation and winning pitch.

  2. Being available to interact with individual Fellows, in or outside of your dedicated team.

  3. Reviewing individual and team assignments, as needed, and provide constructive feedback.

  4. Attending a minimum of 4 Saturday sessions, including one of the Mentor Checkpoints on 3/2 or 4/6, and the Showcase Workshop on 4/13.

The Saturday session runs from 9 am to 1 pm, and are held at the Sacramento State University. Refer to the Events Page for up-to-date details on the individual sessions: https://www.sealink.org/sea-events/.

To learn more: https://www.sealink.org/involved.